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uan status online

UAN Status Enquiry on Unified Member Portal

Check UAN status online. If you are an EPFO member, you are definitely aware of the UAN. If you have recently joined the EPFO member community, you need help. Be familiar with your universal account number. It is very important to monitor and manage your EPF account. EPFO scheme has gone through some groundbreaking changes in the recent years. The most revolutionary change was the introduction of UAN. This is an effort to bring all the multiple PF accounts of a single person under a single umbrella. This indeed empowers EPFO with greater control and transparency. This post acquaints you with a procedure of knowing your UAN number.

Well, so this is specifically for those EPF account holders who are still waiting to get their UAN. You may also contact your employer to know the UAN status. Or enjoy doing it on your own by following the simple online process. It just takes few minutes and you will know when you will receive your universal account number. Users can also check their EPF statement and EPF passbook on the official websites of the provident fund.

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uan status online


What is Universal Account Number

UAN is abbreviated for the universal account number. The UAN is a 12-digit account number unique to every employee who is an EPFO member. If you are holding provident fund account, you do have a UAN too. The major benefit to the employees is that they can carry out PF related procedures just by mentioning their UAN. Employees now don’t need to remember their multiple PF account numbers. Many PF account balance can be viewed just using the UAN. So basically, UAN links your multiple Pf account numbers at a single platform.

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UAN also ensure elimination of duplicity and frauds by any EPFO member.  All the online services like PF balance status, UAN status, EPF passbook are now UAN based.

Online UAN Activation Status Check Process

Find the procedure of checking the status of UAN online. Follow the steps and check it. Once you receive your UAN, you can activate it online.

  1. Click here to visit unified member portal.
  2. The right side of the page displays a list of Important Links.
  3. Click the very link saying – know your UAN status.
  4. You will reach a new page with a simple and short form to fill up.
  5. Fill up the form with all the required details.
  6. Select your state and region.
  7. Provide either aadhar number or PAN number.
  8. After completing the form, get the authorization PIN number on your mobile.
  9. Enter the PIN number received on your mobile.
  10. Once you verify the PIN, you will see the UAN status.

If you see any issue with the status, contact your employer to check it. You may also visit the nearest EPF office or call the EPFO helpdesk.

How to Activate UAN

UAN status activation is now available online. Follow this short online process to activate your UAN.

  1. Visit the unified portal as suggested above.
  2. Under the section Important Links, click on the very first link of Activate UAN.
  3. A form will appear on the screen.
  4. Fill up the complete form and get the authorization PIN.
  5. Use the authorization PIN and authorize your details.
  6. Click on the authorize button after entering the PIN.

You will see a message on the screen saying your UAN request is now accepted. You will receive your universal account number in 7 days.

Well, if you do not receive your UAN even after 7 days, check UAN activation status. The procedure of checking UAN status is already explained above in the post. UAN is now mandatory for many procedures.You can also check UAN online status just by using your aadhar or PAN. Hence, also link aadhar with EPFO and UAN. For any help related to any PF procedure or query, visit us and find all solutions.

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