How to Download PF Withdrawal Form Online

How to Download PF Withdrawal Form Online

PF Withdrawal Procedure

Download PF withdrawal form online. Provident fund withdrawal is a much simpler process now. Employees have greater control over their PF account. EPFO has prescribed various EPF forms. The PF withdrawal procedure requires a specific form. This post shares the procedure of downloading EPF. It also explains the withdrawal process. Employees can withdraw PF when they retire or change job. However, early withdrawal is possible only under certain conditions.

When you can withdraw PF? Which PF claim form should be used? Find answers to all the questions here. also covers all other topics pertaining to EPFO. Users will know how to check PF balance and PF statement. For any query, do leave your comments. Or refer to the official EPFO portals we have linked here.

How to Check EPF balance status


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PF Claim Form and PF Withdrawal Form

As per your claim, different EPF forms are available. The major PF withdrawal forms are Form 13, 19, and Form 19. We have shared here a complete list of all the PF forms with their purposes. Use the given link of EPFO website and download any EPF form you need.

Use this link of EPFO portal for downloading any of the below listed forms:

·         EPF Forms Download

Click on the form number you want to download. Refer to the below information for the type of EPF form you will need.

Provident Forms List


Details of PF Withdrawal Form


Form 19


This is for withdrawing PF when you retire or change job or leave job.
Form 10 C Form 10-C goes with Form 19 and Form 20. It is for settlement of PF under ols family pension scheme. You may use it under New Employees scheme for pension.


Form 10 D If you are applying for the pension, use Form 10-D. A nominee can also apply for pension amount with this form.


Form 14 Form 14 is for applying for LIC premium payment from the PF amounts. There is a facility to finance your LIC policies from the accumulated PF amount.


Form 20 In the case of demise of the EPFO member, his or her family can claim the PF amount. For this purpose, Form 20 is required.


Form 31 Provident fund amount is also withdrawn in advance before the retirement. But only for reasons like medical treatment, marriage, house renovation, and house loan. Form 31 is for withdrawing EPF money in advance. Hence, also known as advance PF withdrawal form.
Form 51F In the case of demise of the member, the nominee can claim the linked insurance amount with this form 51F.


We are sure the above information will help you to withdraw your PF.


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How to Withdraw Provident Fund Amount

Make sure you attest the EPF form with any bank manager or gazetted officer before submission. Employees can withdraw PF by submitting form with necessary documents. Here is a step-wise procedure.

  1. Use the above given link to download the respective EPF form.
  2. Submit the form to your regional EPFO office.
  3. Also, enclose necessary documents.
  4. Track PF claim status after you apply with PF withdrawal form.

To make the thing easier, you can link your Aadhar with your UAN. Make sure you mention your PF account number in the form. Mention your bank’s IFSC code. Your PF amount will be directly credited to your account. With your UAN, it is simple to submit PF withdrawal form and apply.

Though premature withdrawals are possible, they are not recommended unless necessary. The reason is the loss of compounding interest. Even if you change job, you can rather transfer PF. The power of compounding interest benefits those who do not withdraw.

Provident fund withdrawal is a good facility of finance in case of need. Likewise PF withdrawal form, we will soon bring more details about other EPF forms. Keep following us for more information on PF statement and UAN status. Follow our blog for procedures related to aadhar card and passport.