Passport Speed Post Tracking Number Status Online

passport speed post tracking number status

Indian Post Office Tracking for Passport Delivery

Check online passport speed post tracking number status to know when your parcel will be delivered. Generally, important documents like passport are dispatched by speed post. The Indian speed post service is an excellent facility to receive and send crucial documents. If you have applied for a passport and waiting for it, use this post. You can know the exact status of passport application. If you know the tracking number, it is simple to check the status online. This post explains how to check the speed post status for passport delivery. is an informative portal bringing tonnes of useful information for Indian citizens. While you can check your aadhar application status, you can also browse to know the online procedure. Whether you are waiting for passport tor any other document, use this process of speed post tracking. It is now possible to check the passport speed post tracking number status online.

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How to Check Passport Status by Speed Post

Many times it happens that you do not receive your passport even if it is dispatched. In such case, contact the regional passport office. If you have received the passport speed post tracking number, use it at the to know the status.

Step – I Contact RPO Office

Contact your RPO office and report non-delivery of the passport. Inform them of the application file number. Get the speed post tracking number of your passport from the enquiry officials.

Step – II Passport Speed Post Tracking

Check passport speed post tracking number status online. Before you start this procedure, keep the tracking number in your hands. The official website offers an online facility to check the status of your parcels. Users can check the status of speed post, registered mails, parcels, and EMS posts. If you have sent or expecting an express post or business parcels, use the same website.

Make sure that you do not use the passport application number. If you have opted for SMS option, you will receive speed post tracking details by SMS. Online passport application status will show you the dispatch status. If the passport is already dispatched, you can get the speed post tracking number by SMS.

Enter this number at the in the right field. You will immediately see the passport speed post tracking number status.

What if Passport is Not Delivered

While you check passport application status online on, it may show the status as dispatched. If you do not receive a passport that is dispatched, contact the nearest post office or RPO. You might also contact directly to your nearest postal office. If they are not able to help, contact the RPO office.

If the RPO office helps you in finding the tracking number, use the to know the passport speed post tracking number status.

Passport is Lost or Damaged

Passport is an essential document and we keep it with optimum care. But what if you lose or your passport? What would you do if your passport is damaged?

First of all, do not waste any time and take steps immediately. Follow the below procedure in such case.

  1. If the passport is lost, file FIR with the nearest police station and RPO office.
  2. Preserve the copy of the complaint.
  3. Apply for re-issue of the passport at your nearest passport Seva.
  4. Submit all the supporting documents with a copy of the complaint.
  5. If the passport is damaged, no need to file FIR with the police Just apply for re-issue of the passport.
  6. Also, submit Annexure L along with the application for re-issue of passport.

If you are applying for a fresh or new passport, refer to our separate post and know how to apply for passport. First of all, try to check status on passport official website of PSK. If your passport is delayed, try for passport speed post tracking number status. Do not forget to check procedure for EPF claim status online on our blog.

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