New PF Form: How to Download PF Form Online

New PF Form - How to Download PF Form Online

New Composite Provident Fund Form Online

Are you looking to download PF form online? Do you want to know which form you should download for withdrawal? A new composite form has now replaced earlier EPF forms 19, 10C, and form 31.This post elaborates every EPF form ant its purpose and application. To carry out various procedures with EPFO, an employee may require submitting form.. brings all useful information related to provident fund. Also, check our posts on gratuity and pension to catch information on the employee schemes.

With EPFO making several facilities online, employees can download any form online. If you are confused about the type of PF form for specific purpose, check the lists. Whether you want to claim PF or transfer it, the list contains the details. Refer the links given and download the forms from the official EPFO portal.

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List of All PF Forms: Composite PF Form

Find here PF information on all the different forms. The list contains PF application form as well EPF claim form and others. Know which form you should submit for withdrawal, registration, and claims.

  1. EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar)

This is a new single page form that eliminates separate Form 31, Form 10-C, and Form 19. Previously, there used to be separate forms for withdrawal, part payment, and final settlement. With the introduction of new composite PF form, employees can carry out any kind of PF withdrawal or PF claim with following form. The new EPF composite form (Aadhar based) is available on below link.

This composite form is applicable only in the following cases for PF claim.

  1. When employee‛s complete details are activated in PF Form 11 New.
  2. Employee‛s bank account and aadhar number are updated on the UAN portal.
  3. UAN is activated.

If all above three conditions are true in your case, you can use this form to apply for PF withdrawal. Employees can just fill up and submit this form to the related EPFO office. No attestation from employer is required on the EPF claim form in this case.

  1. Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhar)

By using this form you can claim PF without linking aadhar to UAN number. This form too replaces earlier EPF Form 31 and Form 19. Employees can claim part payment or full payment of PF amount. With this form, you can claim total PF settlement, pension withdrawal, as well part withdrawal of PF.  The pension can be withdrawn if the job is for less than 10 years.

Click below link to download the PF form for claim even if you do not have UAN number and aadhar.

Follow the instructions in the second page of the form before you fill up and submit PF form to the related EPF office.

Click here to locate EPF office near you.

Download new pf form for claim and withdrawal

PF Application Form in the Case of Death

EPFO has consolidated Form 10-D, Form-20, and Form-5 into a single page composite claim form in the case of death.

Click here to download the form.

Use this form when family members or nominees are claiming PF in the case of death of the employee.

EPF Name Correction Form

Many employees are facing difficulty in linking UAN to Aadhar due to discrepancies in name or date of birth. If all the data in UAN and aadhar are not similar, linking is not possible. Hence EPFO member can request EPF name correction form to correct the details. You can also correct name online without manual PF form.

Here is the online process for correction of name in EPF.

  1. Visit the unified portal of EPFO member and visit the member interface.
  2. After login with your UAN number and password.
  3. Click on manage/modify your basic details.
  4. Correct your name and other details to match with the details as in Aadhar.
  5. The updated details will be forwarded to your employer dashboard for approval.

Your employer will approve the requests received. Once the employer approves the request for correction, EPFO office will take care of the change. The form is also known as Joint Declaration Form for PF due to joint involvement of employer and employee for the request.

PF form for name correction will let you link aadhar with UAN. Linking aadhar and PAN with EPFO will also help you in claiming benefits faster. For more information about linking EPFO to PAN is also available here. Keep visiting us to know more updates on EPFO services.