How to Get EPF Statement Online: PF Balance Statement

How to Get EPF Statement Online

Download Statement of Provident Fund Online

Do you want to know your EPF statement online? Employees are often looking to know their PF balance statement. You want to apply for loan on your PF or want to apply for credit card. The statement of your provident fund balance is important. This post helps you to get it online without visiting the EPF office. EPFO members can get the record of all the PF transactions easily. Login to your EPFO member portal of UAN portal is the best way to get the required details. is helping users by providing information on gratuity and pension as well.


EPF statement online


EPFO is a major retirement scheme for Indian employees. The main purpose is to secure economic and social status of the senior citizens. Provident fund is a mandatory system to follow by all the employers with more than 20 employees. On the other hand, gratuity benefit is mandatory for all the employers hiring more than 10 employees. However, EPFO is a scheme where contributions of employee, employer, and the government are pooled. Certain portion from the employee’s salary every month. Employer also contributes to the employee’s PF account.

Know your PF balance online

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EPF statement is a complete record of your monthly transactions in your PF account. It depicts all the below details of your provident fund account.

  • Transactions of advances if any
  • Withdrawals if any
  • Employee’s contribution
  • Employer’s contribution
  • PF Interest accrued on the balance amount
  • Final EPF balance

All the transactions will be shown date wise which is available in the form of passbook.

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How to Download EPF Statement Passbook

EPF statement online are available through EPF passbook. To download it, keep your PF number ready with you. If you are using UAN portal, you don’t need the PF account number. You can get it with your universal account number.

Here is how you can download your e-passbook or e-statement of provident fund.

You will be able to see your e-passbook only if you are an active EPFO member. Members of inoperative accounts do not get this facility.

Use the above link and use your UAN number to login. After login, click the option of EPF passbook. The passbook will show you the detailed EPF statement online. If you are using EPFO mobile app, you can also view your PF balance statement on your mobile.

EPP statement online or e-passbook facility is available to the registered members. If you are not a registered, get registration and login id and password with Unified member portal. After a successful registration, you can view passbook after 6 hours.

Your EPF statement will contain the entries which are reconciled at your regional EPF office. In the case of any query, contact your employer or your EPFO office.

The registered EPFO members can download their EPF statement for multiple times. Any time you need to check your detailed PF balance, the passbook is the best way. We will soon bring more details on EPF passbook. Being updated on your balance amount helps you in many ways. In the case of any error or discrepancy, you may contact your employer. Members can also contact the EPFO helpdesk on 1800 118 005 from 9.00 to 5.00 on any business day. Any query related to UAN and EPF can be submitted to this number. Keep following us for latest EPF rules and regulations.

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