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EPF Online Payment

How to Pay EPF Online on Unified Portal EPFO Home Login

Explained the procedures of EPF online payment and generating EPF challan. It is simple to pay provident fund online now. Learn how to check the TRRN status online. If you are an employer registered with EPFO, it is important to know how to pay EPF online. It is mandatory to pay the provident fund monthly contributions to the EPFO before the due dates. This post explains everything related to an online provident fund payment. Once you pay the provident fund online, you can generate the temporary challan. Later on, you can download the EPF challan and confirm status of EPF online payment as well. Check how to transfer PF online.

Myepfbalance.co.in is sharing useful information and procedures for the benefits of the employees. This post belongs to the employers who are supposed to pay the EPF amounts to the authorities. As the provident fund is deducted every month from the salary of the employees. Employers should pay the monthly contributions to the EPFO on regular basis. Any kind of delay in EPF online payment results in the penalties for the employers. Read on further to know the procedures for provident fund online payment, EPF challan, and TRRN search. Every employer has to make payments of PF contributions by 15th date of the succeeding month.

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Procedure of EPF Online Payment Step by Step Process

Employers can pay provident fund through net banking facility. If you have your corporate account with SBI or HDFC, it becomes quick and simple to pay.

The EPF online payment procedure comprises two steps – First is uploading EPF challan and generating TRRN.

The second step involves payment of the PF amount using net banking.

  1. Visit employer e-sewa page here – https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/
  2. Login into with your registered ID and password or if you have not registered until now than generate a new user ID & password.
  3. After that upload details and generate the Electronic Challan Cum Return( ECR). This is also known as EPF challan.
  4. Once you upload details or the challan and pay the amount, the system will generate TRRN. It is a temporary reference number for your EPF online payment.
  5. You can as well check the contribution particulars and verify/approve it.

Download the TRRN and preserve it. You will need it at the later stage to confirm your PF payment status.

The generated temporary challan or ECR is valid only for 15 days. Hence employer needs to pay PF online within 15 days from uploading details. Use your net banking facility to pay online provident fund. Or else generate a new challan if you pay after 15 days.

Provident Fund Online Payment through SBI

We provide here the procedure of EPF online payment done through SBI for you to well know about PF payment online. You can as well follow this procedure likewise done with other bank accounts. Supposing you face any problem in this matter you can also call the centre of SBI customer care for any queries.

  1. Login to the SBI account with using net banking as Saral/ corporate user.
  2. Find the menu which displays ‘Payment/transfer > Pay EPF’
  3. Enter the TRRN number and select your debit Ac., and validate the details and click on submit.
  4. You obtain a success message, the approved e-cheque accessible in the inbox.
  5. After approval take the print of the challan underneath the section ‘Report > Reprint Challan.’
  6. Save the EPF challan details for your records.

How to Use EPFO E Seva Portal

Gain access the employer details via online facility is very simple. To make EPF online payment, every employer can use the EPF E seva portal.

As an employer, you must register on the EPFO portal and generate your login ID and password. After this, you can create your challan and online contribution.

You can also update your mobile number so that you can also get payment confirmation via SMS. Whenever you make EPF online payment, you will be notified on your mobile.

By using this EPFO E – Seva Portal you can obtain the slip for contributions. It is very simple and useful service for the employer as they require generating monthly pay contributions.

TRRN Status Query | TRRN Search

Now you already know that TRRN is the temporary receipt generated against the details uploaded of the monthly contributions. The TRRN status confirms the payment of PF to the EPFO. The final challan will be generated once the online payment is made. But it will take minimum 3 business days after you make EPF payment online.

Click here for TRRN status search

Use the above-given link and check TRRN status to know if the payment is reached EPFO and accounted properly. The TRRN status will relive you confirming that the online PF remitted by you is transacted safely. This completes process of EPF online payment.

Uploading EPF Challan Online

As suggested above, visit the unified portal site for employer e-sewa and upload the ECR details. It will require you to fill up the following details or fields of EPF challan.

  1. Establishment Code Number:

The establishment code no. is a unique code which is allotted separately for each company to recognize it. The code is needed while filling the challan.

  1. Payment Method:

The requirement of payment mode for an employer is either in cash or cheque or net banking.

  1. Specify dues for Months:

An employer need to point out the month or months which they want to make payment.

  1. The Whole Figure of Subscriber and Wages due:

Fill up following details.

  • Amount of payment made by employees and employer.
  • Information of contribution to the PF
  • Details of Employees Deposit Linked Insurance

Also, fill up the penalty details if any in the related field. That means any penalty due to late payment of PF. To avoid delays, EPF online payment method is the best.

How to Download EPF Challan after EPF Online Payment

Get a print of the payment of challan after online paying as a proof of payment. For download the challan you might have to follow some given steps.

  1. Visit the official EPF website and find the EPF online payment option in the menu.
  2. Click on ESR/Return filling that will be open on the next screen.
  3. Now click on the option of search challan and feed the details as wage month, TRRN no., type of challan as monthly contribution. Check TRRN challan status to confirm if EPF online payment is accounted.
  4. After providing the revealed information the TRRN no. will be created.

Click on TRRN no. and immediately the employee provident fund online challan payment receipt accessible before you on the portal to download.

Employer E-sewa is a dedicated EPFO portal for employers. It allows employers to make EPF online payment. Myepfbalance.co.in also updates useful info for the employees. Visit our site to know your PF balance amount online.