EPF Interest Rate: Current EPF Interest Rate 2017-2018

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Latest PF Interest Rate for 2017-2018

The EPFO has proposed current EPF interest rate at 8.55% for the year 2017-2018. This makes the rate the lowest in the span of last five year time. However, the finance ministry has not yet given a nod to the rate. There counter arguments from the side of EPFO as well. As soon as the final decision on the current interest rate for PF is made, we will update it here. The move by Employees Provident Fund Organization is diminishing the savings of crores of workers. This post gives a brief overview of current and past EPF interest rate as set by EPFO.

The interest rate for the provident fund is subjected to annual revisions. It has seen steady downslide since 2013-2014. You will also learn how to calculate PF interest rate here. The last PF rate of interest for the year 2016-2017 was 8.65%. The EPF interest rate is applicable to the contributions by employee as well employer. The calculation also relies on the salary and the employer PF contribution breakup. Myepfbalance.co.in will regularly update on the latest PF interest rate. EPFO members can also stay here to check their EPF balance check on mobile.

What is Interest Rate on EPF

PF interest is earned on the savings accumulated in the form of EPF funds. A certain portion of employee’s salary is deducted and contributed towards PF account. The employer also contributes an equal portion to every employee’s PF account. The simple interest applies to the monthly contributions. The balance derived at the end of the month is considered for interest. The same is compounded yearly and hence employees get good benefit.

The lower interest rate will adversely affect the savings of the employees. This post also carries details of the EPF interest for past few years.

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PF Interest Rate Calculator: How to Calculate PF Interest

First of all, take note that you will not earn any EPF interest on the very first month of your joining. The EPF interest rate on your PF balance amount is calculated as under.

  • Interest rate / 12 * balance at the end of the previous month

To arrive at the balance at the end of the month, add 3.67% as an employer contribution and 12% as an employee contribution. The contributions should be calculated on the basic salary. The employer contribution to PF account is 3.67% only as the rest (8.33%) goes to the Employee Pension Scheme.

EPF Interest Rate History

Being a good employee, you should be aware of the EPF balance. You can also know how much interest your PF saving is attracting. It is important as you can easily detect any confusion and error in your PF balance.

Check the PF interest rate for the past few years. The table also contains the EPF interest rate 2017-2018. We will update interest rate for 2018-2019 as and when declared by EPFO.


EPF Interest Rate

2017-2018 8.55%

(Proposed. Hence subject to change and update)

2016-2017 8.65%
2015-2016 8.8%
2014-2015 8.75%
2013-2014 8.75%
2012-2013 8.5%
2011-2012 8.25%
2010-2011 9.50%


The table clearly shows that the interest rate proposed for 2017-2018 is the lowest in past five years. Currently, the EPFO is also investing the funds in the stock market. Many speculated that as a result of investment in the stock market, interest rates might go up. However, the same is not happening. The Honorable Labour said that the interest rate is reduced as the debt investments are giving low returns.

All the eyes are now set on the approval of the proposed 8.55% EPF interest rate 2017-2018. We will soon update news about current year PF interest and for 2018-2019. Just remember to visit our blog for all latest news on EPFO and EPF interest rate. Check how to know your EPF balance with UAN number.

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