Aadhar Card App: How to Download m-Aadhar App on Mobile

Aadhar Card App

Download Aadhar Card App

Are you looking to download aadhar card app on your mobile? This will save you from carrying your aadhar copy for various verification. With the aadhar card app, a user can download the aadhar number profile. A user can present the aadhar profile on the smartphone. The same will be accepted at various offices. Here we have given a process with a link to the official UIDAI page to download the m-aadhar app.

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Aadhar card is now everywhere from bank accounts to PAN card and subsidies. A lot of governmental and non-governmental offices are considering aadhar for verification purpose. Even before the much pushed importance of aadhar is legalized, it is already being in demand from all the corners of commercial life. Aadhar card app allows users to carry their aadhar demographic information on their mini screens.

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Procedure to Download Aadhar Mobile App on Android Phones

UIDAI has launched an m-aadhar app for android devices. The app is currently available on Google play store. Find below the direct link to download the aadhar card app on android devices.

Aadhar card download on mobile:

While the app is only for android users, it might soon be available for iOS as well. Use the given link and download the aadhar app. You can access your aadhar information as and when required.

Aadhar Card App – Key Features & Benefits

Well, if you are still in two minds about having this app, go through its features. Check out what you can do with the app.

  1. mAadhar card app allows users to download the aadhar profile at any time.
  2. Users can lock and unlock biometric data for secured biometric authentication. Later on, the user can unlock it when he requires.
  3. TOTP Generation is possible. TOTP is a Time Based One Time Password. This password is a temporary password to replace SMS based OTP. You can directly generate OTP on the app.
  4. Aadhar card holders can update their profile data after update request.
  5. Aadhar number holder can share QR code as well eKYC data.

In order to download aadhar card app, first, register your mobile number. You can register or update your mobile number in aadhar through online aadhar update.  Or visit the nearest aadhar enrolment centre.

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How to Install | Use Aadhar Card Mobile Apps

Once you download the m-Aadhar app, the application will ask for a password. Enter your unique password. It should contain maximum 12 and at least 8 characters with minimum 1 number, 1 special character, and 1 alphabet in lower as the well upper case. Register your mobile number in aadhar data to download your aadhar profile through aadhar card app. After you enter a password, wait for an SMS. m-Aadhar app will read the OTP automatically. For security reasons, there is no provision to enter OTP manually in the app.

Make sure your device is having proper connectivity for download aadhar data. Within few minutes, your aadhar profile will be activated on your device. A single aadhar profile can be activated only on a particular device at a time. If you create aadhar profile on another device, it will be de-activated from the previous device. If any of your family members have registered similar mobile number in their aadhar, you can add their profile to your mobile app. The maximum limit of adding profiles in a single device is 3. However, all three should have registered the same mobile number in their aadhar data.

If you have any query or confusion related to mAadhar, write to email address feedback.maadhaar@uidai.net.in. You will receive feedback in a couple of days. If you face any issue while downloading aadhar card app, uninstall it. Try to install again after ensuring proper connectivity. For more udpates on aadhar mobile apps, stay in tune with us. Myepfbalance.co.in is bringing a whole of information for aadhar card holders. Our site carries huge information for EPFO members as well.

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