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nps form for account opening

New National Pension Scheme Registration Form

Get quick NPS form download at the official website We have shared how to get this registration from at This post explains both the online and offline procedure and guides to download various NPS forms. Learn how to download NPS withdrawal form and NPS application form online. If you are looking to subscribe for the national pension scheme, get the NPS account opening form online from the link shared here. Information on various national pension scheme forms is shared for the convenience of the NPS subscribers. You may also check NPS account balance online at our website. shares valuable procedures to guide users on availing online facilities. We are guiding you to online procedures for NPS form download. Click here to learn the complete procedure to open NPs account online. We know national pension scheme as a major retirement planning facility. It is an attractive way to save for those who are not availing pension facility. Check the complete procedure of NPS form download online with the direct link given for the right page.

Learn to check PF member claim status

NPS Form for Account Opening at (Online)

Click the given link and follow the instructions to download eNPS form for subscriber registration. This is the same form you can use as NPS application form.

Visit the given enps.nsdl portal for national pension scheme. You will see homepage as per given screenshot.

  1. Click on the tab Registration at the right hand side of the homepage.
  2. Check the New Registration option.
  3. Choose individual subscriber. If you are opening an NPS account for a business entity, choose the corporate option.
  4. Select Tier I and Tier II option. Only Tier I option will let you open account that you will not be able to withdraw at any time.
  5. After filling all the details, generate OTP on your mobile.
  6. Enter the OTP to proceed further with NPS form filling.
  7. Once you complete the online registration process, you can print this NPS form for account opening.

UAN passbook status online

If you are opening account online, you can use this procedure available at eNPS. You may also use the manual way. Read on our next section for manual procedure and to get NPS application for offline application.

PRAN Application Form (Manual through POP-SP)

If you are not comfortable with the online process, you can get the PRAN application form. Contact any of the nearest POP service provider and get the PRAN application form.

However, to save time you can still download this form from website. Or get it from the POP. Fill up the form and submit with your photograph. Also, submit required KYC documentation like PAN card and Aadar card.

Submit the form to the nearest service provider or POP-SP. Do not forget to collect the acknowledgement number of PRAN number. Your PRAN kit will arrive directly at your address. Hence, make sure you give proper correspondence in the NPS form for PRAN number.

NPS Withdrawal Form (Partial and Full)

Besides NPS application form, NPS withdrawal form is one of the significant forms. If you want to withdraw the partial or full amount of your NPS account, use these forms. Here is a list of all NPS forms for withdrawal. You can download any of this form from the official website as suggested above. Visit the Forms section from the vertical menu on the left hand side.

List of All NPS Forms for Withdrawal

Form 301 The subscriber can use this form to withdraw NPS amount after the age of 60.
Form 302 The form is for pre-mature withdrawal before the age of 60
Form 303 The form is used to claim NPS amount in the case of subscriber‛s death. The nominee or relative can claim using this form.
Form 601 PW Form for partial withdrawal of NPS Tier 1 account.
Form 101 GS This form is for government employees to withdraw NPS amount after retirement.
Form 102 GP Government employees can use this form to withdraw NPS before retirement.


NPS Shifting Form

Any subscriber can shift his POP or POP-SP by submitting NPS shifting form to the particular POP. Mention the location of the POP/SP where you want to shift your NPS account. Visit the website and visit the NPS form download section. You will see list of all the forms. Locate the intersection shifting form under CABs section in the form download page.

However, the PRAN number will not change in spite of shifting your POP. PRAN number is a unique number with portability all across India. It will remain same in any location of India in all the nodal offices and POPs.

NSDL S2 Form: Correction or Change in Subscribers Details

NSDL S2 form is an NPS form download and used to correct or change the subscribers‛ details in the master entry. This form is also used to request re-issue of new PRAN card. If you are PRAN card is damaged or lost, you can request for new PRAN card. However, the number will remain same.

In the case of any mistake in your details in the master entry of NPS, you can request to correct them. Following corrections or changes can be requested.

  1. Date of birth correction
  2. Other personal details update
  3. Changes in nomination details

The same form is also for applying re-issue of T Pin or I Pin or PRAN card.

You might also be interested in downloading aadhar enrollment form. Check information related to aadhar card update and aadhar status as well. The national pension scheme is a major retirement saving scheme in India. While the government employees are members by default, others can subscribe for it. NPS form for application is the NPS registration form to subscribe for the Tier 1 or Tier 2 account. This NPS form download process is only for informational purpose. As soon as you apply, you will also generate acknowledgement number. Use it to check the PRAN status. National pension scheme subscribers get unique PRAN number and a PRAN card too. For more information, do refer to our post on check PRAN status procedure.