4 Ways to Check Your EPF Balance Online

Check EPF Balance Online

Learn to check your EPF balance online here! All the employees must have heard about theprovident fund. It is possible to check your EPF account balance in many ways. This post explains all the methods in details. We also direct you with live links to the appropriate government portals. The Employee Provident Fund, popularly known as EPF is a famous retirement scheme.

The provident fund scheme was initiated in 1951 to secure the economic stability of the retired person. Though it is a retirement scheme, a person can withdraw his PF money once he changes job. EPF is the initiative of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India. EPFO registration mandatory for the firm with more than 20 employees. The firm deducts EPF money from the employee’s salary and maintains the EPF balance details.

What is Provident Fund Balance?

EPF balance is the final amount shown as last balance in your EPF account. EPF balance amount is updated every month. It comprises the contribution deducted from your salary. It also comprises the employer’s contribution.

It is good to track your provident fund balance to know how much is your savings. Due to regular check, you can trace out any error in the amounts. The scheme is a governmental scheme and hence the safest one. No risk is involved if you invest your money in EPFO.

How Do I Check My EPF Balance Status Online?

Find all the different ways to check your provident fund balance online. Further, we will also share the offline ways. To check your EPF online, you don’t need to be very computer friendly. Our instructions will help you even if you are a new to the internet.

Online PF Balance Check on EPFO Portal

Epfindia.com is EPFO’s official portal. Click the below given link to know your PF account balance online.

Once you access the above given page of the EPFO portal, follow this procedure.

  1. At the right side, you will find an option of E-passbook.
  2. Click the E-passbook option to proceed further.
  3. Enter your UAN number. (Contact your employer to get your UAN or Universal Account Number).
  4. Enter your password.

But make sure that you have activated your UAN.

Once you enter your UAN number and password, you will see the complete details of your EPF account. It will clearly show the final PF account balance of the last month.

EPFO Mobile App to Know EPF Account Balance

The m-sewa mobile app is introduced by EPFO. You can download it from Google Play Store.

After you download the app, click on ‘Member’. Click on the options of balance or passbook. You need to enter your UAN number. Also, provide your registered mobile number. You can update your mobile number on the UAN portal.

Members can also activate their UAN with this app. The pensioners can check their pension status. Employers can easily check their PF balance.

EPFO Member Balance through EPF Passbook

EPF passbook or UAN passbook is also the best way to check EPF balance online. There are various online portals of EPFO and UAN services. You can download or view the EPF passbook.

Find here the link of epfindia.gov.in for passbook.

The monthly updates of your passbook will show the balance of your provident fund. If you are using the m-sewa app, you can download the passbook.

EPF Balance Enquiry By SMS

No worries if you do not have the internet access. You can still check your EPF balance right from your home. You just need to send an SMS as per given instructions.

Yet again, make sure that your mobile number is registered. Also, your UAN should be registered. Send an SMS to 7738299899 in the below format.


You will receive your account balance in the English language. You may change the language code as per your need. To get EPF balance in Hindi, type EPFOHO UAN HIN. The facility of SMS is available in 10 different regional languages.

EPF Account Balance By Missed Call Service

Knowing your EPF balance is as simple as giving a missed call. No need of internet or app. Just give a missed call to 011 22901406.

After your call, you will receive an SMS on your mobile with your PF account balance.

While checking your provident fund balance, you might require some details. Do not get confused about your EPF office. You can make out from your PF account number. The first two characters of your number show the code for thestate. The next three letters show the code for your EPF office.

To keep the EPFO information secure, most of the facilities need UAN activation. The facilities are made digital for the convenience of the users. Employees can check their EPF balance from any place. Without the help of your employer, you can know all the details of your account balance. If any of the EPFO or UAN portal is not working, don’t get confused. Have patience and try another portal. Many times, the EPFO websites are not accessible due to internet and server issues. However, the offline facilities are also working. Above ways will let you have your balance details without visiting the EPF office. Keep following myepfbalance.co.in for more updates on provident fund.

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