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How to Check PRAN Status Online

NPS PRAN Card Status

Learn to track NPS PRAN status online on the nsdl portal. If you are holding an NPS account, you must be familiar with PRAN card. It is issued to all the members of National Pension Scheme. Every NPS member should have his/her PRAN card and number. In case if you have not received your PRAN card, check it online. Receiving PRAN kit is a procedure that follows after you open NPS account. But tracking your PRAN status is a quick online process. explains how to check your PRAN card status online with

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The government employees automatically become the members of the NPS scheme. National pension scheme is one of the major saving schemes. Since 2004, it has gone through many changes. This post shows you how you can check your PRAN card status on It is important that as an NPS member, you receive your PRAN card. This short online procedure will tell you the precise status of your PRAN card. Also, learn to check your EPF balance status online.

how to check PRAN status

What is PRAN

The PRAN stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number. It is a 12 digits number unique to all the NPS account subscribers. After opening NPS account, you should receive your PRAN kit. If you do not get it in few days, follow the below procedure. The PRAN card is your identity as an NPS subscriber. It is used to track your records with NPS.

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NSDL PRAN Status Check Procedure

Check PRAN status online after a gap of few days from the date of opening NPS account. Here is a step wise procedure for easy understanding.

  1. Use this link of NSDL website for NPS :
  2. If your PRAN card is first time, select the option of ‘new registered PRAN’.
  3. Fill the PRAN number and the PPAN number.

You will now see the exact status of your PRAN. You should check the PRAN status online if you do not receive your PRAN within 20 days. To track PRAN status manually, you may visit your nearest nodal office.


pran card status


PRAN Forms

To apply for PRAN, you need to open NPS account. The PRAN forms also known as Annexure S1 and S2 are available online. You can download these forms using the below links of the authorized NSDL portal for NPS.

If you are applying for the PRAN for the first time, use form S1. Form S2 is for corrections in your PRAN card.

If you have any query related to PRAN issue, call NSDL number 022 2499 4200.

PRAN Card Application Procedure

Application procedure for the PRAN card is available online on

Use the below link for online subscribers registration for PRAN number.

After successful registration, you will generate the number. Preserve the number and contribute the first payment to your NPS account.

After registration, you will receive a complete PRAN kit. The kit will contain your card and a booklet. The PRAN number is needed for any future transaction of your NPS account. Check the PRAN status and be assured about your permanent retirement account number. A complete procedure for opening NPS account online is also explained on our blog. Keep following us for a plethora of useful information on pension and provident fund.

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